Based in the captivating echoes of the Western Sierra Nevada

Let's rekindle our feral roots!

I'm Courtney, the creator behind Feraly Rooted Essence. I wanted to create a platform where I can share the lifeway that nourishes my soul with vitality. Feraly Rooted Essence was put in motion from the epiphany that we as humans are, in fact, part of the cycles of the natural world. We are meant to be connected to the land by means of wild food, medicine, and stewarding that which brings us life. Participating in the continuation of the old ways can help create a more enriching modern life.

My mission is to help people unlearn the travesties of modern conditioning, and rediscover our truest essence by exploring what the land has to offer, and what we can do for the land.

Feraly Rooted Essence delivers doses of nature through land-based offerings. All products are top quality, made with ethically foraged & organically grown materials, and free of preservatives and chemicals.

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Supporting my community to feel inspired by the natural world

Alongside products procured from the land, Feraly Rooted Essence also provides tactics, skills and information to encourage a more nature-based lifestyle; with an emphasis on reverence, sovereignty, resiliency and reciprocity.